Zoe Xandra brings her instantly accessible and unique alt-pop to the fore in ‘Land of Dreams’

Zoe Xandra is a classic pianist turned pop artist hailing from Toronto, Canada. Her fixation on creating beautifully crafted pop songs with sumptuous melodies has quickly become a synonymous trait of the young singer-songwriter, who has had many successes come her way already since embarking on the scene.


Xandra released her debut EP ‘TMI’ in 2020 which led to her being showcased at Canadian Music Week the following year, as well as being featured in Canadian Beats and then being invited to renowned SXSW in 2022 to perform. Sync success has also been huge for Zoe, signing various deals including Keeping Up With The Kardashians and many more, further instilling her venture as an artist to relate to and invest in.




Tracks such as ‘Blah Blah’ and ‘Halfway Bad’ were fan favourites from the EP, and Zoe now arrives with a refreshed approach in 2022 with new single ‘Land of Dreams’. Taking a slightly darker and grittier turn on this one, the piano led track possesses many synth pads that fill in the air and make for a real atmospheric opening, before going into a highly catchy and tight knit chorus.


Co-written by Zoe Xandra and her in-laws, and produced by her brother Everett James, this song was inspired during a bittersweet time in Xandra’s life. ‘Land of Dreams’ explores what it means to feel happy and sad at the same time, and it was her time in Toronto that really shaped and defined her musical direction – creating the sound you can find in her music. All of her songs have a female co-writer, to help paint a picture and tell her story in the most honest and open way.

Reminiscent of artists such as Lennon Stella and Maggie Rogers, you can see that Zoe has also paved her own path and combined her multitude of influences into a fun-filled and melodically flowing pop song that sticks. Bordering the lines of indie and alt-pop, ‘Land of Dreams’ is uplifting yet bold and edgy, showcasing Xandra’s many talents with her commanding presence of a vocal alongside it all too.