Yumicon 2019

This year we were able to attend Yumicon 2019 at the Henry B Gonzales downtown San Antonio. I am happy to say that this show was pretty amazing for our first time attending. There were some little issues I had with the event but let us begin with all that is good and exciting. 

As we arrived to the event we were greeted with such wonderful staff at the front entrance and some very excited cosplayers to be attending the event as well. If you have never been to a Yumicon before, like me, than this would be anime and cosplay heaven. There was a good number of vendors at the event and even the very famous voice actress Melissa Fahn was able to make an appearance.  

 The turnout, for me, was pretty amazing the first half of the day. There were so many people that were cosplaying as their favorite anime characters. We even got to meet some pretty well-known cosplayers like, Kelen Lestrade, Jesetales and ChibikatyBoth gaming areas were also impressive as well. One side had consoles and the other had PC gaming with some table-top. As a streamer I was pretty impressed with the PC’s that were available to test.  

The convention area itself, I will say could have used a little work on where to locate some of the vendors attending. It was not a horrible experience but I felt that one side of the Con was packed together than the other. Towards the front of the Con there was so much more space to fill about 2 to 3 more vendors or have more activities. It was almost like a small dance floor. The size of the Con was fairly nice. Plenty of room to walk around, did not feel cramped like some previous Con’s I have attended, they even had a small stage for some performances and had the Q&A for Melissa Fahn on stage as well. 


Yumicon has been around in San Antonio for a while and we definitely had a blast while we were attending but I felt that if the venue was a little bigger and maybe lasted another day than it would make this event greater than what it was. We would definitely come back next year to see what they will bring next 

If you are in town or coming from out of town I would say definitely come and give Yumicon a try. There is plenty to keep you busy, a great venue and amazing people to get to know. Also do not forget to check out their social media pages for future announcements. Until next time, WE WILL SEE YOU, AT THE CON’S