YoYo Games today announced its GameMaker developer community competition, the Space Mods: Holiday Competition. Coming hot on the heels of its GameMaker Studio 2 (GMS2) tutorial, “Space Rocks”, a guide for budding video game creators to create their very own version of the definitive asteroid blaster, YoYo Games are asking developers to create a recognisable modification of Space Rocks. The world’s leading 2D video game engine would like entries to focus on playability as well as how engaging they are for the player.

“Open to anyone aged 16 or over, the Space Mods: Holiday Community Competition tasks developers to modify and improve upon the Space Rocks game created in the YoYo Games tutorial using any version of GameMaker Studio 2,” said Russell Kay, CTO of YoYo Games. “The winner will be the best overall game meeting the criteria, as decided by the YoYo Games judging panel.”

The winner will be given the choice of selecting a GMS2 licence from Desktop, Mobile, UWP, Web, as well as the game being featured on the GameMaker Showcase. All entries should be submitted by midnight on 2nd January 2019, UTC. Designed and presented byFriendly Cosmonaut, the Space Rocks video tutorials start out with an introduction to GMS2 before outlining how to program movement, attacking & collisions, scoring, lives, sound and effects, before adding that final layer of polish. These tutorials also detail how to make the game in Drag and Drop mode as well as using GML code.

For additional details visit the Space Mods: Holiday Community Competition blog post at: https://www.yoyogames.com/blog/494/space-mods-holiday-community-competition

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