Your life. Your memories. Try the demo of the most personal game out there.

Hi there!

We’re super excited to show you the first glimpse into WAKING by Jason Oda. Fair warning – this game will make you cry as you relive your childhood memories.

Warning – the game will ask you personal questions that may trigger unpleasant memories, please skip it if you have mental disorders. Thank you. 

WAKING is an emotional action-adventure set in your own mind as you lay in a coma. The game presents a unique mix of souls-like high challenge in combat, a vast ever-changing world waiting to be explored, and deep meditational experience of unmatched scale.

Coming to Steam, Xbox, and Discord this Summer

Free demo is now available for a limited time

WAKING: Demo on Steam

WAKING in brief:

  • Souls-like combat with unique features, such as telekinetic attack system
  • Guided meditation where you envision memories from your life through a series of choices
  • The procedurally generated world is unique every time you venture into it
  • Created by a solo indie developer with a small team of collaborators between 2015 & 2019

Coming out on Steam, Xbox, and Discord this summer

Useful links

tinyBuild & Jason Oda

WAKING: Demo on Steam