‘Your God’s Within’ from Grace Gillespie is Out Now

A tender approach to give yourself the ability to control your anxiety and fears, Your God’s Within is a song that gives you those instructions. Grace Gillespie has given us a glimpse into her latest single which is a way to set you free from your thoughts. She has given the fans around the world a song that soothes the soul. I enjoyed listening to this song and the way Grace speaks throughout the song which gives you chills.

Listen here:


Press Release:

Your God’s Within” is the first single to be taken from After The Harvest Moon, my upcoming EP, which will be released on November 27th. This EP was recorded with Oliver Baldwin in Bristol, UK. 


The stigma around talking about being frightened or sad is still very apparent. People see it as negativity and spiral away from it, but the reality is that a lot of people with considerable anxiety are also very high functioning individuals. 


I see now that there is no point in battling against yourself. The only way to diminish these thoughts is to set them free and speak about them to the world. So here they are, a warning and an assurance, all at once.


Grace Gillespie