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Your Custom Cooling System in Dynamic Color – CORSAIR Launches Hydro X Series XD7 RGB Pump/Reservoir Distribution Plate

CORSAIR®, a world leader in enthusiast components for gamers, creators, and PC builders, today announced the launch of a stunning new entry in the Hydro X Series: the CORSAIR Hydro X Series XD7 RGB Pump/Reservoir Combo. This unique universal 360mm distribution plate system drives your custom cooling loop with powerful coolant flow, while offering advanced loop options, a unique aesthetic that cleverly mimics the look of CORSAIR case fans, and 36 individually addressable RGB LEDs. Available in both black and white, the XD7 RGB unlocks a wealth of new cooling configurations that puts it at the heart of your custom cooling loop.



The XD7 RGB’s unique distribution plate and pump system expands the possibilities of Hydro X Series custom cooling configurations. The acrylic distribution plate links to all components of your loop, powered by an integrated Xylem D5 pump. Its triple ring-shaped coolant channel design brilliantly displays your coolant through a transparent 140ml reservoir, illuminated by 36 individually addressable RGB LEDs when paired with a CORSAIR iCUE Controller (sold separately). Three pairs of strategically placed, nylon-reinforced inlet and outlet ports offer easy access for connecting a CPU water block, GPU water block, radiators, and more in a seamless high-performance cooling loop, with additional fill, drain, and temperature sensor ports for easy coolant management.



The XD7 RGB’s universal mounting installs in any 360mm (3x120mm) radiator mounting points, fitting perfectly into a wide range of cases, including the CORSAIR 7000, 5000, and 4000 Series. A rubberized mounting system keeps the XD7 RGB firmly in place, reducing pump vibrations for extremely quiet operation, while an included 24-pin power supply jumper bridge lets you start the pump without powering other components, so you can safely and easily fill or replace coolant. To help you keep a watchful eye on your coolant temperatures, an included temperature sensor within the XD7 RGB delivers real-time readings from inside your cooling loop.


The CORSAIR iCUE 5000D RGB HX, available exclusively in North America, combines an XD7 RGB with an award-winning CORSAIR 5000 Series case, ready to build your next magnificent custom cooling loop.



Launching alongside the XD7 RGB are two Hydro X Series components now available in a pristine white color option to match your PC’s build. CORSAIR Hydro X Series XR5 Radiators  in white offer high-performance cooling area to rapidly dissipate heat from your system, in sizes of 240mm, 280mm, and 360mm. To continue the white theme you can now connect the XR5 Radiator to the rest of your loop using new Satin White CORSAIR Hydro X Series XT Hardline Tubing, in both 12mm and 14mm diameters. The beautiful finish of XT Hardline Satin White Tubing creates a never-before-seen white matte look to make your custom cooling system stand out even further.


Availability, Warranty, and Pricing


The CORSAIR Hydro X Series XD7 RGB Pump/Reservoir Combo, CORSAIR Hydro X Series XR5 Radiator, and CORSAIR Hydro X Series XT Hardline Satin White Tubing are available immediately from the CORSAIR webstore and the CORSAIR worldwide network of authorized retailers and distributors.


The CORSAIR Hydro X Series XD7 RGB Pump/Reservoir Combo and CORSAIR Hydro X Series XR5 Radiator are backed by a three-year warranty. CORSAIR Hydro X Series XT Hardline Satin White Tubing is backed by a two-year warranty. All products are backed by the CORSAIR worldwide customer service and technical support network.


For up-to-date pricing of the CORSAIR Hydro X Series XD7 RGB Pump/Reservoir Combo, CORSAIR Hydro X Series XR5 Radiator, and CORSAIR Hydro X Series XT Hardline Satin White Tubing, please refer to the CORSAIR website or contact your local CORSAIR sales or PR representative.


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