You Should Have Left film Review

You Should Have Left starring Kevin Bacon and Amanda Seyfried in a creepy and dark tale. One’s past haunting there what seems every thought. From the start of the film’s nightmare within a nightmare sets the tone. Theo’s mind is a very troubled one dealing with the death of his first wife under very suspicious means. Has marked his life and marriage leading him to a life of self-meditation tapes and looking over his shoulder. Plagued by the horrible nightmare of his wife’s death and dreams of a man in these dreams. Lead Theo and his family to a rental house in Whales just before his actress wife starts to film. They move into a huge house that is more than just a home. The first night the daughter is making finger puppets on a brick wall by her bed when a shadow appears as if someone is behind her. Moments before Theo goes to tuck her end for the night starting the sinister life in the home. A home within a home or within a nightmare.

Overall a great story of the sins of the father coming back to haunt Theo (Kevin Bacon), Kevin I felt did an amazing job playing two roles. The first nightmare in the film opening sets a dreadful vibe for Theo. The use of the daughter as a chess piece in a way by Stetler the man in the dreams. Giving the Stetler an old man look and him being the one that picks the families that rent this purgatory in a way of a home. The house is its own character in the film with its ever-changing rooms and hallways. Lend a very creepy vibe to the film and backstory that I felt was not explained as well as it could have been. The way David Koepp the director used the house and its ever-changing look added to the craziness Theo was living. You will start to see the change in the home as your mind finds the added photos to the odd door appearing and so on.

I enjoyed this film overall a very sinister and creepy feel made it enjoyable as a horror fan. The cast was one point in their portrayal of there role. I do feel the ending was a bit of a letdown and had the missed chance of a real shocker ending. Don’t get me wrong the films ending works but could have been more. Check it out for yourself and let me know what you thought out now on digital and DVD.