You can play Mars Horizon RIGHT NOW 🚀 Time to head to Mars

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Mars Horizon is available to buy and play right now! It’s time to run your space agency, launch into space, and try to be the first to land on Mars in our strategy simulation game 👨‍🚀
Mars Horizon is a strategy simulation game where you lead a major space agency as you guide humanity to Mars. Construct a base, design and build rockets, conduct missions throughout the Solar System, and write your own history of Space exploration.

Mars Horizon was created with support from the European Space Agency (ESA) and the UK Space Agency bringing an unprecedented level of authenticity to our game.

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Thank you so so much to everyone who has bought and played Mars Horizon so far! We hope you’ve had fun and didn’t blow up too many rockets.

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We’ve written a blog post on why reviews are important and how-to steps for leaving a Steam review

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Mars Horizon dev livestream Q&A 🚀
Jem and Allie are going to be answering your questions about Mars Horizon on Friday 27th at 3pm GMT over on :rocket:

Are there any hints or tips you’d like to know? Questions about the development or working with space agencies? 🪐Send us your questions to answer on stream in our Discord, on Twitter, or on Facebook!

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Real life astronaut Tim Peake plays Mars Horizon with the Xbox team! 🛰️
Catch up on the livestream of Astronaut Tim Peake playing our game over on the Xbox Twitch channel!

Watch the stream with Tim to hear about what it’s like training to be an astronaut, hear his stories from space, and hear him talking about watching Alien on a real space station!

Watch Tim Peake play Mars Horizon 👩‍🚀
Catch up with our podcasts where we talk all things Mars Horizon! 🛰️
What is it really like in Mission Control?

  • Libby Jackson, Human Exploration Programme Manager at UK Space Agency, shares her experiences with us including shadowing a flight director at NASA Johnson Space Centre,  working in Mission Control during a launch, working with Tim Peake!

Why we must work together to land on Mars

  • Dr Alice Bunn, International Director at at UK Space Agency, explains how space agencies co-operate and collaborate, why this is so important, and how this collaboration will help us get to Mars.

Colonies on Mars and Robots on the moon

  • Paul Smith, Robotic Exploration Programme Manager at the UK Space Agency, tells us all about colonising Mars, robots in space, and we talk about how we explore this in our game.
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