Play the world’s first run and gun and EAT and explore the NEW content!.
PITTSBURGH, PA – June 17, 2020 –
Inclusive nutritional choices meet high-octane action with Bite the Bullet, from Mega Cat Studios. Each character class includes a robust skill tree announced and showcased today that allows players to dive deeper into this sci-fi action game.
Carnivore class – aka, Goravore. Meat makes you happy, and future tech makes it easier than ever before.
Vegan Herbivore class – aka the Slaughterer of the Soil. Greens make you strong, and this character class brings a mix of agility and awareness that’s unparalleled.
Omnivore class -aka “I See, I Eat”. We know you love it all, and nothing stops you from indulging, and balancing, your characters abilities with this class.
Robovore class – the next evolution for man/mech hybrids allows you to consume end of life electronics to satisfy your appetite, and fuel your missions. Finally, something to do with that old Nokia.
“We are so excited to share the depth of content we built for the Bite the Bullet universe,” James Deighan, Mega Cat Studios founder, says. “We have poured countless hours into expanding this universe, and applying two years of feedback from our community. We are so excited to show everyone what we’ve created.”
About Mega Cat Studios: Based in Pittsburgh, PA, Mega Cat Studios is a creative first video game developer with a retro ethos and a culture of innovation. Their library of past title includes modern platform releases as well as retro, cartridge-only experiences. They believe that zombie meat feels like mayonnaise in a plastic bag and tastes like dry-aged venison caked in bleu cheese and marinated in for several days in raw egg yolk sitting beneath a Florida sun.