XHOANA X new single Crimson is out now!

XHOANA X has a new haunting singled title Crimson out now! She pulls the veil onto your eyes as her voice guides you through the unknown. You have your hands extended to touch your surroundings but you can’t feel anything while you continue to walk. You just hear her voice and continue to follow her sultry voice until you end up touching glass. You take off the veil to reveal  a large barren room with only a window that showcases XHOANA X singing her latest tracked called Crimson.

Put that veil on and take that visual journey with XHOANA X

Listen here:


Press Release:

Albanian born XHOANA X takes her dark, Eastern European heritage very seriously.  From an upbringing of one of the most tolerant spiritual cultures in the world, comes a unique style of art, with a mixture of freedom, rebellion and heroism.

The relaxed form of culture from Albania is the driving force here. You are in the darkest little corner of your room. And yet, this is where you find that you are most comfortable. Although perhaps you also find yourself a bit surprised at the ease in which you exist here.

The unexpected seems natural.

The rich enthralling darkness is the vibe.

Following in the footsteps of early musical influences the likes of Massive Attack and ‪Portishead, XHOANA’s music takes us on a spellbinding journey, as if we are preparing for a series of pagan rituals based on mystical beliefs.

Make no question here, she is the high priestess, and in full control of  the ritual.  The journey is a web in which we are caught, but you’ll find it hard to turn your ears away. You are trapped in a web of intrigue and sensuality while a neo noir movie plays in your head.

Her look and fashion is no less captivating, additionally filled with occasional David Lynch-esque twists and turns. 
Although her main ambition has always been on developing her musical recording career, XHOANA has also worked both as an actress, influencer, and model.