Xhoana X new EP The Villain Is out Now!

The haunting shadows that gurgle the sounds that seduce the manliest of men enlists the vocal prowess of Xhoana X. She licks her lips to the sensations as her music pours into the sights and sounds of people in the distant. Her new EP is titled The Villain which is out now and ready to knock your socks off but slowly and seductively! The songs I’m enjoying is Deepest Pleasure, Endless Crime, The Great Escape and of course Slow & Steady. This album features a different tone of music that features a dark version of EDM that echoes into the Norwegian forest.

Be sure to check out the album below and have some fun!

listen here:


XHOANA X takes a dark hit of triphop and reduces, seduces the blueprint. To a backdrop of scalded and heat-blackened pop, she is vulnerable, cool-eyed and vengeful. 

To be drawn by her blacksyrup sultry-smooth voice, is to miss the wry glint of its cruelty. XHOANA X is nu-femme fatale glam with a slick gothic Lynchian twist.    

Adult pop gloss against carnal. Violence in honey soaked sounds. The desire to belong and the need to stand out, these are deep-seated raw-cut conflictions.  

As a child in L.A, then a teen in The Bronx, having moved from post-communist Tirana, fitting in was her key to survival. But once you survive, you want more. And when you’ve got the guts, you go get it. 

XHOANA X mixes sharp-focussed songcraft with classic-noir powerplay and elegance. There’s a brutalist feel to the fever and zeal of the songs and the heat she creates.