Xenoma’s CES Exhibit to Showcase ‘e-skin EMStyle,’ Electrical Muscle Stimulation Suit that Lets a Fitness Trainer Buzz Your Body

At CES® 2021 (Jan. 11-14), Xenoma Inc., a Tokyo-based smart apparel startup,
will showcase “e-skin EMStyle Professional,” the electrical muscle stimulation suit that enables fitness
trainers to send individualized levels of stimulation to their clients’ bodies to optimize the effect of
their workout. Scheduled for a global release in March, the suit is a “for-gym” version of “e-skin EMStyle
Personal,” a smart home workout suit that is also slated for an April release. Both products are
extremely durable, comfortable and machine-washable – a feature that is missing in most smart suits –
thanks to the company’s proprietary technology for stretchable electronics.

Both suits provide stable electrical stimulation to a wearer’s body via 24 electrodes, so the body can get
the effect of a full workout from just 20 minutes of light exercise. Users can control the levels of
stimulation through the smartphone app. In addition, the “professional” version enables fitness trainers
adjust stimulation for up to 20 different suits that are connected on the same Wi-Fi network.
“Our ’e-skin EMStyle’ suits are perfect workout solutions in the Covid-19 era to maximize the effect of
their home exercise or personal training because it can be washed easily in washing machines,” said
Xenoma CEO Ichiro Amimori. “But what really sets our products apart from others is our proprietary
Printed Circuit Fabric (PCF) technology that makes it possible for us to create these incredibly
comfortable and practical suits that people would want to wear in everyday life, and we are very excited
to bring them to CES.”

Features of “e-skin EMStyle Personal” and “e-skin EMStyle Professional”
• Enables a wearer to get the benefit of a full workout in just 20 minutes
• Connects to the smartphone that lets a user adjust stimulation to their bodies
• Connects to the “Hub” for managing stimulation to and monitoring the activities of up to 20
• Extremely comfortable to wear
• Machine washable
• Stylish

About e-skin series

Xenoma’s e-skin line includes e-skin Sleep & Lounge, smart apparel for monitoring the health of seniors,
and “e-skin MEVA,” which tracks body movements. All of these products aim to collect accurate key
data via a whole-body sensor network built into regular clothing for daily use in order to use that data to
provide optimal health solutions. The company is currently seeking trainers to partner with to innovate
the fitness industry.

About Xenoma Inc.

Xenoma is a Tokyo-based smart apparel startup that aims to provide technological solutions for a
healthier and happier life. Founded in November 2015 as a University of Tokyo spinoff, the
company develops the next-generation of smart wear, apparel, ‘e-skin.’ The company’s name
combines “xeno,” a Latin word for “foreign” and “strange,” and “ma,” the two letters that are
shared by the words, “man” and “machine.”

About CES

CES is the world’s largest technology trade show that takes place annually in Las Vegas. As the premiere
site to introduce innovations, CES 2020 brought together more than 4,600 companies to showcase
20,000 new products and services. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, CES 2021 will be held digitally.