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Xbox Series S Product Review

I had the original Xbone or Xbox One for over 5 years! I have lost count of how many years actually on my trusty console to play WWE Games, Fifa games, Call of Duty games and of course watch HBO Max movies. I was able to fight through the crowded online bots to finally get my hands on an Xbox Series S! I ordered one on Best Buy website and was able to pick it up a few weeks later!

I was able to to open this baby up and put it up on my drawer in the old spot of my Xbox One. I sat down and experienced my what was having a next gen console!

Here is the review:



  • Next Gen Graphics
    • I purchased a new 4K television to utilize some of my movies 4K vision on my screen. Once I connected my Xbox Series S, it was beautiful! I was able to play Watch Dogs: Legion and be amazed on how wonderful the graphics are with the console. I have no words to say other than WOW!
  • Fast WIFI
    • I used to stream well on my Xbox one but with the new WIFI 5 coming out and then AC, my streaming days were done on my Xbone unless I direct connect to my router. With the WIFI on this next gen console, I’m able to utilize the AC part of my WIFI and the download speeds of over 300 MBs. The games that took many hours to download in the past took an hour or less to fully download to my new Xbox!
  • Disc Less
    • This is my first experience with a console without a disc driver! For a while now, I haven’t bought a game from a store to put into my disc drive but just download it to my Xbox. I felt this would be beneficial for myself but I know I will still purchase the disc games just to have in my home in the future. I like to collect things!
  • SSD Drive
    • I have to say this is freaking fast! I’m used to waiting a few seconds for my Xbone to load up and now with this new next gen console, it boots up in mere Nano seconds. Yes … you read that right…below a second and its already on my Xbox screen! With an SSD drive, its performance is faster compared to my Xbox one console as well as booting games faster and easier.


  • 512GB SSD Size
    • With no disc drive, I would have expected a larger hard drive for the next gen console. I have already added 3 games and those 3 games has taken half of the space of the console. I would either need to get an external drive or added bigger SSD drive for the console.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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