Wreckfest Review


By: John Cano

Reviewed on Xbox One

Looking for a “smashing” good time well look no further than this epic masterpiece that is Wreckfest.

Wreckfest is the long overdue title that we’ve all been waiting for from Finnish video game developer BugBear Entertainment, who brought us the amazing Flatout 1 & 2. One might say it does so with much more style and fun.

My overall experience with this beast was astonishing, the amount of detail that was sunk into this game was stunning from the different types of vehicles to choose from, the many ways to upgrade and customize your vehicle to make it your own personal wrecking ball. Now it is important to know that when playing if you’re thinking it’s going to be like a BurnOut style of gameplay think again. The chaos of the game doesn’t simply rely on having a lead foot, but you have to have a certain finesse in order to win the race as well as to not total your vehicle when competing in a demolition derby event. The game does have a bit of a learning curve for both new and veterans of the Flatout series. Fret not, that is where the fun lies when you are competing in an online race against other people, trying to make it to the finish line in one piece, having to master the controls so you can pull off awesome drifts and pit maneuvers to take out the competition.

The most memorable part of the multiplayer is how chaotic it can get and how fast it can get that way. When I played, I just loved hopping on my couch cart (yes, you read that right, its as awesome as it sounds out loud), enter a race, where I was matched up with old school american muscle cars, buses, RV’s. When it comes to weight class there isn’t any and all are fighting to make it to the finish line in one piece.

I invested at least 15 hours with Wreckfest and I feel as if I have barely scraped the surface of this brilliant game. You can unlock new parts for your vehicles, there are different types of challenge modes that you can unlock, which you can master or jump online and compete in.

There were some issues when it came to online play, some lag here and there. I had some frame rate issues but nothing that would be considered game breaking, just a slight annoyance here and there.

 The visuals in Wreckfest are really something to appreciate and when coupled with a sound track that is a mix of country, rock and hip-hop it really helps immerse you into the game. You will be singing along (well at least I did) while trying to wreck and weasel your way to 1st place.

Step out of line and take chaotic racing to the limit with Wreckfest! Unforgettable crashes, toe to toe battles, –These are the epic moments that can only be accomplished in Wreckfest, with its realistic physics. Put the pedal to the metal in the ultimate demolition derby! So, let us prepare with reinforced armor, roll cages, and much more, or customizing for a crash race with engine performance parts such as manifolds, air filters, camshafts, fuel systems, etc. Get wrecked with Wreckfest!

Rating: 8/10