WOWCube, the World’s First Twistable Gaming Console, Previews Upcoming Kickstarter Campaign at CES 2022

Early adopters can order via a Kickstarter campaign launching in March 2022

LAS VEGAS – Jan. 5, 2021 – The new dimension of gaming has arrived: The WOWCube® Entertainment System by Cubios, the world’s first twisty gaming console, provides an immersive mixed-reality user experience that allows players to physically interact with the digital world. The WOWCube® Entertainment System prototype was introduced at CES 2021, where it was named an Innovation Awards Honoree. This year, the Cubios team will unveil the final pre-mass production product, which consists of eight connected cubicle modules, eight CPUs, eight speakers, and 24 screens.

“We are energized by the positive response to the WOWCube® Entertainment System following our prototype showcase at CES last year,” said Cubios Inc. Co-founder and CEO Max Filin. “There are so many possibilities for people to experience the joy of merging digital entertainment with the physical world in such a novel way.”

Built on its own bespoke Cubios operating system and available SDK, users can enjoy casual entertainment, arcades, mazes, puzzles, edutainment, skill, and other games. The unique device is played by twisting, shaking, and tilting the console, taking full advantage of all six sides of the cube. Players will recognize classics like “Space Invaders,” as well as reimagined versions of other familiar favorites – a key difference being that the entire surface of the cube is involved in the game. Beyond gaming, the cube can display screensavers, photos, weather, air quality, and connect to smart homes.

 Additionally, WOWCube® Entertainment System advisors, actor Jason Hervey (Wayne Arnold on “The Wonder Years”), and executive producer Napoleon Smith III (“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” (2014, 2016)) and managing partner at Atari Hotels, will be special guests

Following CES 2021, the WOWCube® Entertainment System was listed as one of TIME’s Best Inventions of 2021, and won an Edison Award, Last Gadget Standing, New York Product Design Awards (Gold), and other accolades. The WOWCube® Entertainment System will be more widely available to order via a Kickstarter campaign launching in March 2022.

About Cubios Inc.

Cubios Inc. is an early-stage startup from Novato, Calif., that was founded by father and son Ilya and Savva Osipov in July 2017. The company is focusing its efforts on the development of WOWCube® Entertainment System, which it says is the most innovative gaming gadget on the market today. Four patents covering more than 40 countries are attributed to the project.

The company is building an entirely new ecosystem of games, widgets, and apps for the WOWCube® Entertainment System by providing SDK and API for developers worldwide who are inspired by unique possibilities to create immersive-reality worlds on the next-gen cube, and would like to create their own applications and sell them through the WOWCube® Application Store.

Currently, the company is focusing its efforts on initial user feedback of the WOWCube® Entertainment System following the start of the production during 2021 and plans to offer wider market availability via Kickstarter in Q1 2022.

The WOWCube® Entertainment System concept is unique and fresh. It’s uncommon and attractive. Cubios Inc. has opened the door to the whole new dimension in the gaming industry — mixed reality gaming gadgets.

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