Worms Rumble Review

Growing up, most developers I heard were, Naughty Dog, Insomniac Games, and for the old school gamers, Crystal Dynamics. But there was another Developer that was always crossing my path, the famous Team17. I first heard about Team17 when my friend introduced me to a game called Worms. Since them I have always been addicted to this game. 

Most of you have heard of Worms in some kind of way. Team17 has been making Worms games since 1995 and since than it has evolved in so many ways. Theis newest release, Worms Rumble, has to be one of their most addictive gameplay to date. They took out the turn-by-turn controls and turned it into a co-op/solo, 2d, shooter. 

Worms Rumble is in a sense of a Battle Royale. I did like that there were 3 modes to the Royale. I did play a ton of solo matches and felt that it was very well balanced. The variety of weapons is pretty decent. There were a handful of times where all I could find were shotguns. As you keep searching you will eventually find a different weapon to swap. Movement and aiming was so much better on mouse and keyboard due to that I was getting a small amount latency on the controller for some reason.  

The appearance of this game is so crisp. I also love how you are able to customize your Worm as you progress your Rank. The level designs are on point. Every match and map felt different from the last. Also, the maps are a pretty decent size. It definitely felt bigger than your average Worms map. 

With all the time that I had with this game, this is something that I can 100% get into. I have played Worms with family members and friends from time to time but with this new installment out I feel that we are going to be playing a lot more. Team17 has always created such amazing title throughout the years and it is refreshing to see that after 25 yrs they still have not given up on such an amazing franchise. If you loved worms before you are going to love Worms even more.  

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