Worm Jazz Review

Do you remember back in the day playing a game called Snake on your mobile phone? Just spending hours on end trying to get to the next level because it was so addicting. I have another question for you, do you also like puzzle games? Well this game is for you! The more I have played this game the more I have appreciated what Inconspicuous Creations have created.  

The game is straight forward. You are a worm that is put into a stage that has illuminated balls that you have to collect and when all collected you have to consumer the Golden apple to complete the stage. The catch is, as you consume the balls your physical body of the worm expands which makes it harder to move around. Just like Snake if you become too long of a snake and make the wrong move you will lose the game. 

In this game if you become too long of a worm, that is okay you can undo your turn that way you can figure out what better path there is to consume the balls and get the Golden Apple. The Visuals of the game are just beautiful. The detailing of the levels really is something else. Generally, most Indie games visuals, in my opinion are kind of bland but they have really brought detailing into the level creation. 


As I had mentioned before, as you progress the levels do become a lot more challenging. There were times where I had to walk away and take a break just to come back fresh for an idea of what way I can attack the level to win. There was even one level I played where I had to turn it off and just come back the next day because I was that stumped.  

The music of the game is very relaxing to listen too. I listen to a good amount of Lo-Fi music on my spare time and I really enjoyed this slow-paced music. It does not drown out the game and is low enough that it is not distracting which is perfect for those who are trying to think on how to complete the game.  

As a whole this game is a treat when it comes to Puzzle games. I have always been an individual who loves a challenge and this is one that just takes my breath away due to how challenging it gets. Everything about this game is addicting and even my older daughter cannot get off once she gets started. I am also a sucker for visuals and I just love what they have done. If you get a chance come and pick up this game and put your brain to the test. You will not be disappointed 

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Reviewer: https://www.twitch.tv/deltron_210