Working with Liberated has been a journey so far!

You probably don’t know this, but it’s been almost exactly one year since we first unveiled Liberated — world’s first Playable Graphic Novel — here at PAX East in Boston!

This year we brought a brand new hands-on demo to Boston for the first time… and we’re completely blown away by the reception. We’ve asked a whole lot of you to complete a brief survey about the demo, and it turns out that almost everyone (98% of you) loved it!

We also asked about your favorite (and least favorite) things about Liberated — our comic book narrative and gunplay stood out as the clear winners! We couldn’t be more happy, because we’ve put in so much work into nailing those key parts of the experience at the show.

Liberated got unprompted props as well! The game was one of GameRant’s four Best Indie Games from PAX East 2020, and won the Writer’s Choice award from Marooners Guild.

We really hope that you all got a shot at the demo. But if not, do not despair — we’ll probably be there for GDC (wherever and whenever it returns) as well as EGX in London.

Drop us a line if you’re heading out and care to meet up for a Liberated hands-on or just a high-five.

Konrad, from the Liberated team

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