Wolfe Hybrid new single Survivor is out now!

Wolfe Hybrid has a song that you will have you sit down and write notes of that specific person your wanting to be. These notes that you are writing are the singer’s open book of individuals that he views as heroes. You feel a change in the room once you feel when a hero is in the area. Heroes can be anything that go above and beyond including being a father. A very scary thing men have in their minds when thinking of being a father would all go away once you hold your child in your hand. Wolfe Hybrid reminds fans of this through their hit song Survivor! Check it out now!

listen here:


Wolfe Hybrid is the musical collaboration of songwriter/producers Jeff Wolfe (vocals) & James P. Noon (acoustic/electric guitars). Both are seasoned entertainment (Film/TV) industry veterans at the top of their respective fields. Wolfe Hybrid was formed in Los Angeles in 2019. Wolfe Hybrid plans to release a full-length LP of original songs in Spring 2021.
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