Wizard World Brings The Fandom To Austin, TX

Wizard World brings their yearly event to Austin, TX and showcases the innovative aspects of our fandom. They bring alive our past, present and future with this yearly comic convention in Austin. They brought a creative approach to the convention scene and focused on a balanced of art, celeb and vendor aspect. This is our review of the show from our perspective.


The gates were open and the lines were long with fans waiting to come in and check out all the wonders of Wizard World Austin. I was able to walk around and see all the cool vendors in attendance. i saw some collectible comics, pops, and even collectible art. There was so much to do at Wizard World that brought my imagination into reality with what I saw there.


Pictured: Rob Liefeld creator of Deadpool. Photo by Frankzphotography

The artists there at Austin were so creative and amazing! I was astonished on the creativity we were able to see from their works of art. My team and I would choke up on some of the images being showcased there and be in wonder as how they created their art on a palette. The looks from the crowd and gasps as they walked by each isle was just a sure sign of great things that was held by Wizard World Austin.


Pictured: L-R: Drop The Spotlight Founder Vic and Sam J Jones. Photography by Frankzphotography

The celebrities featured in Wizard World had some good names for the show. The celebrities that we saw there were Jerry Mathers, Kevin Sorbo, Lou Ferrigno, Elizabeth Maxwell, Sam J Jones, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Mike McFarland, David Tennant and much more. We did  interviews that day and will be featured on our Youtube channel for Drop The Spotlight. We learned so much from the celebrities on projects they were on at moment and to the stories that you wouldn’t hear anywhere else. They were friendly and approachable at Wizard World Austin.


In all, the convention had a decent size venue to hold all that makes Wizard World from a show persepective. The celebrities were friendly and approachable and the prices for photos and autographs weren’t that expensive compared to other shows. The vendors had unique items and showcased a good balanced on collectibles for collectors and everyday items for families. They had something for everyone. I was just astonished with the art and how artist alley was showcased at the event.

Pictured: Nate Michaels Art Photograph by : Frankyzphotography