Wizard World Austin 2019

This year we got to attend Wizard World Austin. I have personally been to a Wizard World before but this one was a little smaller than what I am used too but that did not stop us from making a day out of it. Finding the event center was super easy considering it was not that far from the well talked about 6th Street.   

The event took place at The Neal Kocurek Memorial Austin Convention Center. While arriving we were already greeted by a handful of Cosplayers. When you walk into the convention there were so many vendors, I did not know where I wanted to start. For cosplay there was a DeadpoolPredator, Mortal Kombat characters , and so much more.  

The staff at the event were very professional in taking care of any questions and needs that the visitors had. I did appreciate that announcements were being made about Panels and Photo Ops just in case for those who lost track of time. There was a gaming area in the back but they only had PlayStation and Nintendo consoles from what I personally saw. I was hoping to see some PC Gaming or virtual reality.  

The celebrity area was in the middle of the whole event center. As for walking around the event there was not an issue.  I will say that I would have liked to see the celebrity area more towards the back area because I felt that they could have added a couple more vendors.  

For me this year the Vendors took the cake. They were all so informative about what they were selling or advertising. We even got some free swap while we were there. I also glad to see some charities attending the event because I am a huge supporter in giving back around the holidays.  


As a whole this year’s event was pretty satisfying. Cosplayers were amazing, celebrities were all super humble towards their fans, and the venue was not an overwhelming size. Staff were professional and they kept the Con consistently clean for their guests. I can not wait to see what next year has to offer because I am definitely wanting to see more.