Witcher Season 2 Netflix Review

A mix of magic, lore, gore and of course Jaskier without his shirt round out this new season of Witcher on Netflix! Season 2 provided a glimpse of backstory of Ciri and Geralt lives as well as what Ciri is meant to do. We meet Vesemir and more witchers that grew up with Geralt. We also learn who the emperor is for Nilfgaardian as well as more of the story with the elves.

We were able to watch the first episode of the series through a screening and we were left wanting more! So yesterday, I ordered a pizza, hugged my favorite blanket and binged the whole season 2. The ride was exciting! The ending was shocking! I will not spoil much in this review but I have to say this: WATCH this ASAP!

Here is a review:


  • Story
    • In this season, the story continues of Geralt and Ciri heading to Soddon to look for Yen. When they couldn’t find Yen and believe she may have passed, Geralt takes Ciri on a trip to Kaer Morhen to train her. While they head that way, they do a side quest to see an old friend of Geralt. While that is happening, Yen has been captured by Fringilla who wants to take her to see the emperor. Before that could happen, they are slaughtered by a beast and then captured by Elves. The new elf queen are joined by Fringilla and Yen to make a discovery and possibly bring out one of the biggest evils in the world. I will stop here!
  • Vesemir
    • We finally meet Vesemir and watch how he interacts with Geralt and Ciri. He is strong yet provides guideance for Geralt but do misses making more Witchers! Will Ciri become a Witcher with the help of Vesmir?
  • Jaskier
    • The show wouldn’t be complete without Jaskier! He brings a comedic and fun touch to the show. He is the light that shines bright for Geralt! He is a famous bard now after his hit song from Season 1 but continues to play in bars. He is funded by someone to help sneak elves to the new Xin’tra or Cintra from Season 1.


  • Music
    • I have to say I was disappointed there wasn’t an addicting tune like “Toss A Coin To Your Witcher. The bard did play a song in the bar but it wasn’t addicting like the previous one.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Watch Witcher Season 2 here: https://www.netflix.com/title/80189685