Wiregames and GD Entertainment Announce Primordials: Battle of Gods Going Free-to-Play On March 4, 2021

Tug-of-War Strategy Game Leaving Early Access and Launching as a Free-to-Play Title on Steam and Epic Games Store

ZAGREB, HR – February 4, 2021 – WIREGAMES Publishing and GD ENTERTAINMENT today announced their Tug-of-War strategy game, Primordials: Battle of Gods will be launching as a free-to-play title on the Steam and the Epic Games Store on March 4, 2021.  Primordials: Battle of Gods originally released as Primordials of Amyrion on Steam and the Epic Games Store as an early access title, and has released several content updates and improvements based on community feedback. Everyone who has purchased or purchases the game in Early Access will have every army, champion, and premium skin already unlocked, and will get future skins for free with exception to progression and battle pass skins. Featuring cross-play among Steam and Epic Games Store players, Primordials: Battle of Gods includes three unique armies of diverse units, six omnipresent Primordials, and eight heroic champions for players to choose from. To succeed in battle, players must upgrade their armies, choose different abilities and spend resources wisely.
Primordials: Battle of Gods features:

  • Lord Over Land – Battle for control of the realm without the tedium of dictation. It’s macro over micro.
  • Choose Your Path – Upgrade Primordials, champions, minions and towers to directly counter an opponent’s army.
  • Battle of Wit and Will – Test your mettle in 1v1 duels. No teammates can steal glory or bring your great name to shame.
  • Bolster Forces – Unleash devastating activatable abilities in support of valiant minions marching into a brutal war of attrition.
  • Manage Resources – Spend resources early and go for the killing blow, or build up an economy in an effort to overwhelm the long-game.



Primordials: Battle of Gods  is a tug-of-war 1v1 strategy game where players rule kingdoms and build armies to war for ever greater power. “One will rise, Many will fall.” Compete in 1v1 duels against other Primordials and their armies, simultaneously balancing resource management while choosing upgrade paths for buildings, champions and minions to gain key advantages on the battlefield. While even the greatest Primordial may not control every unit on the battlefield, some have abilities and ultimates that can turn the tide of war.

For more information on Primordials: Battle of Gods, please visit www.primordials.game, and follow the game on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/PlayPrimordials/ and Twitter https://twitter.com/playprimordials. Join the discussion on all topics game-related on Discord https://discord.com/invite/bRg9Zmp.

WIREGAMES is a newly established video game design and publishing company based in Zagreb, Croatia. In collaboration with GD ENTERTAINMENT, they published their first title, Primordials of Amyrion which was released via early access on Steam and Epic Games Store in October of 2020. Primordials: Battle of Gods is making the transition to free-to-play in March 2021.

GD ENTERTAINMENT is a game development studio located in Zagreb, Croatia. Established in 2018, GD ENTERTAINMENT features a team of experienced and new developers with a passion for engaging and competitive games that challenge the status quo in development. Their latest development project Primordials of Amyrion launched on early access on PC in October of 2020. Primordials: Battle of Gods will be launching as a free-to-play title in March 2021. For more information visit: www.gd-entertainment.hr