Win a Trip to Browntown Film Review

Win a Trip to Browntown is a film by George A. Tramountanas starring Kendra McDermott and George A. Tramouintanas. A film about Frank a family man who is working a 9 to 5 job but his real passion is being a writer.  He is in a great family with a good wife but he is stuck in a past year of his life. He writes a blog online to vent and help him with his writing.

Trying to write his novel a contest he has been trying to get into comes to his hometown. On his wedding anniversary, Frank and his wife are talking bout the past and the joke of if you lose fifty pounds she will him do butt stuff with her. So the challenge is set with Laura feeling good he will not come close to his goal.

Frank is motivated for the first time in a long time he hit the ground running. Frank writes the challenge on his “secret” blog but it’s not so secret as he thinks when his coworker asks him about the deal. The bet takes a life of its own and goes viral with the help of his coworker. The bet makes both of them look into themselves and learn things about themself. Also bringing up past issues they need to work out.  Finding a happy place with each other and realizing they have a great life and more.

A fun film that is both romantic and raunchy at the same time full of great laughs. I give this one an 8 out of 10 for the bet that would end up setting things right for Frank. The comedy is on point with some great jokes and moments all married couples will understand with kids. Check this one out of a fun time and cheer on Frank to win his wife’s butt prize and yes the bet really is for anal sex.