Why Don’t You Just Die Review

Why Don’t you Just Die from writer/director Kirill Sokolov is one wild ride. A dark comedy part revenge for love film. We get a very bloody story full of twists and turns all set in motion by Olya ( Evgeniya Kregzhde). Her reason to ask this of Matvey (Aleksandr Kuznetsov) is a grave one. Matvey in his somewhat noble quest is about to put himself in a bad spot. The story plays out like Tarantino wrote a play I say this because how the back story to all involved play a piece to this bloody puzzle. Each one adding to the outcome of the film the way they’re introduced in the film like bread crumbs. You are in for a full-on film full of revenge, betrayal, dark humor and a sea of blood. This one is a must-see for crime fans as well the dark humor fans. I was given the chance to see it before it’s digital release date from Arrow Video. I was hooked into the film’s story from the start I will not spoil the film for you. Just be prepared for one wild ride that floors it the whole film.

That being said check this one out from Arrow Video nationwide on April 20th. Be sure to support Arrow Video with there digital releases. On a side note from the press release, this film like many others was to be released to select theaters. Due to the current issue, we have worldwide it will be released in digital format for us to still be able to enjoy. So be sure to check this one out at home on April 20th from Arrow Video.