Who Else Is Addicted to The Outriders Demo?

As I was pondering on writing this article as a review, I had to stop and think on why should it be a review article? This next article could be about how addicting this new game titled Outriders from Square Enix and People Can Fly? Let me rephrase that….DEMO GAME which feels like a full action video game that as delivered to fans on a silver platter! So I decided, lets talk about Outriders and what it is and let you, the fans, be the judge! We have been covering this new Outriders game for sometime now and with the anticipation of the demo going live was exciting.

I should mention…this is more than exciting! Exciting is when you get a free steam code from a random retweet of a creator or streamer on Twitter. This is a 4th of July masterpiece where the skies are filled with rockets and glare. Square Enix and People Can Fly gave us a treat of Outriders in demo form that just rocks! I was able to play this game on my Xbone (yes that old Xbox 360) and the cinematic scenes are just astonishing! The art showcased throughout the game was cinema quality!  Its like watching an animated movie at the movie theaters where you would have to lean on the chair to engulf it more.

The story is fantastic as it leads to space travel and finding a new planet to colonize. The cinematic story told us the situation that happened with Earth and they were traveling with the two ships. Then only one ship remains and they find this planet called Enoch where they hope to colonize as a new Earth. Then you start the game as an Outrider where you discover this planet with the people that came with you. The journey has ruffled some feathers, as you learn about the controls through various small quests, you interact with people and find out more on what happened with Earth!

Then a second probe appears with a signal…as you investigate…something happens where you have to rush back to the crew and then learn that another crew has double crossed the outriders as they want to continue landing of smaller ships from the main ship instead of waiting it out to see what is going on. As you fight your way to the top, you are then frozen in the ship. Then you awaken….

I don’t want to spoil the game for everyone but this is an adventure that is not only addicting but will give you a double take on things that is happening in the game. People Can Fly and Square Enix provide enough information in the demo to allow users to go through 4 different scenarios as you will learn later on.

Drop everything your doing now, get this FREE DEMO and play! Play and play as you will taken into another visual exploration throughout this game.

Review for now…ehhh…I say you decide! Let us know in comments on rating this game should have! We start off as 1 as poor and 10 as the best!

Get Outriders demo here: https://outriders.square-enix-games.com/en-us/demo