Where Is My Body? – Japanese and Western cartridges coming to Game Boy in Q4 2020

Where Is My Body?, the 8-bit point and click adventure coming to Game Boy in Q4 2020, will be released in Japanese too. Apart from containing Japanese texts only, the cartridge will include the box and manual like the original Japanese Game Boy packaging designs.
Inspired by titles such as Maniac Mansion, Where Is My Body? can be currently acquired through Kickstarter only. The funding campaign has pledged more than 450% of its objective so far and there are still 3 days left until it ends. From August 21, it will also be available on Indiegogo.
Where Is My Body? will be available in Western and Japanese versions. Each of them will contain an original boxed cartridge with a game manual in English and Japanese respectively.
Both versions are compatible with every Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance. There is no regional limitation so each cartridge can be used in American, European or Japanese devices.
Additional Information
About Green Boy Games
Green Boy Games is a one-man Game Boy games development company managed by Dana Puch, creator of Micro DoctorLunar JourneySubmarine 9 and Leo Legen. All of these games are sold and distributed in physical cartridges since the main idea of the studio is to keep alive the spirit and gameplay of this legendary console.