What Kind of World by Joe Benoit is Out Now!

As I’m sitting down on my chair with my headphones on, this new album is just so damn good. I was able to get the chance to listen to this new album titled What Kind of World by Joe Benoit. I’m speechless at the moment as I want to let tell you which song I’m digging at the moment, which song to hear first, and then continue on listening to let the album sink in. Well… I don’t have an answer for that question. Each song, which is unique, stands out on its own, and is hella good on this album. Joe Benoit has one of the most complete albums I’ve heard in a while that you can truly just press play to start from the first song to the end of the album just with that same feeling. I’m enjoying the new album Joe Benoit has and will shock you on how good this really is. Lyrically, each song has its own lace that you will sing along too yet feel each word emotionally spoken from Joe Benoit. Crack open a cold one, sit outside on your balcony and just press play!

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