What a 30 Percent Difference Can Look like…..Intel’s Manufactured memory loss

Compare.  A tool we use every day when deciding even the most basic of task.  When we shop, do we drink minute maid or purchase a  drink from a store brand?  Do we eat a whopper or big mac?  In the gaming world, do we play World of Warcraft or (insert Massive Multiplayer Online Game)?  Controller or keyboard?   Once in a blue moon we may notice the difference when a restaurant changes some details in a recipe.  This is the exact comparison we will have to deal with very soon with Intel processors.

Intel has found a massive hole in the design (recipe) of the kernel memory security.  In many cases, when a problem such as this arise a simple patch will repair it. No problem right?  I have a slow leak in my tire quick patch is all I need to get me back on the road.  This time we might see a sizable decrease in performance overall.   Up to 30 percent decrease.

Whenever we see a range of numbers we only see the larger number.  30 percent is a huge difference in many cases.

What a 30 Percent Difference Can Look like


  • $1.00 menu item is now $1.30.
  • 60 fps is now 47 fps. (example of 30 percent difference not actual performance results)
  • A new 60 dollar game is now 78 dollars.
  • Speed Limit is down from 55 to 42 mph.
  • Gold players to Bronze(Really everything beneath Gold )
  • Destiny PC to Destiny Console (maybe that is more than 30 percent )

As a gamer what does this mean to me?  At the moment?  Nothing.  PC Gamers has an article gives the details of the breach and how gamers will continue business as usual.  As a person that has a custom built Intel pc, that is a relief but only time can tell.  I will see you on the other side of the patch.

But first

Let’s talk.

Do you feel we will see drastic changes in game performance?

Do you have any gaming comparisons where you can feel the performance difference?  EX Destiny on PC Or Destiny on console