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We Happy Few Review

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We Happy Few is a wild drug fuel ride of Joy or not. The game takes place in a post-war world where everyone is miserable. The society favors the rich and to live in the best place you must be on a Joy high all the time with Doctors and police looking or the downers. The gameplay is fun and with quest and side quest there is a ton to in the game. The quest are simple as find this person to full-blown stealth mode sneaking around. The story is fueled by flashbacks and the memory of leaving his brother. The post-war world has its challenges from eating rotten food to gas in the air. You must learn to survive from seeking to crafting tools to health balm and bandages just to stay alive. The NPC are not to be messed they will turn on you in a heartbeat. I’m enjoying the storyline and the post-war vibe of damage people add a layer to the game.  Compulsion Games did an outstanding job with this game look for it on most all platforms I enjoyed it on PlayStation 4. They have DLC content as well as adding to the gameplay and replay value.