Watch the relaxing gameplay of Fishkeeper — an aquarium Tamagotchi!

There was no need to wait long for the first recording of the Fishkeeper game. The Underwater Sims or the Aquarium Tamagotchi, as the creators of Blinkclick Games in Cracow like to talk about their game, is a peculiar combination of economic strategy and life simulator. In the game, we play the role of an aquarist taking care of the fish in a tank built with our own hands.


Watch the gameplay from Fishkeeper here:

The presented gameplay shows you how to build an aquarium. We can see how to, step by step, buy our first tank, enlarge and decorate it, buy equipment, substrate, plants and corals so that the fish can finally live there. The gameplay is accompanied by relaxing ambient sounds and calm music as well as a commentary by the artist, who draws attention to the numerous relationships between aquarium elements and the organisms living in it.


Only a few weeks have passed since the game was announced, so it’s important to note that we’re still watching an early version of the game — the pre-alpha. The creators intend to share their work progress by demonstrating further aspects of the game’s mechanics. At the moment, we know that the life of organisms in the aquarium (in addition to fish, corals, snails and shrimps will also be available) will be realistically reproduced. The player will be able to multiply and sell his fish, and the cash earned will be used to expand the aquarium kingdom. In addition, you can visit the tank in your self-designed bathyscale, i.e. an “underwater drone”.