Watch PRIDE WARRIORS: Episode 1 now!

Watch Pride Warriors: Episode 1 on Youtube Now!
It took a while, and I had to learn a few new animation programs, but Pride Warriors episode 1: Divas and Devastation is now available!
Please watch it, and if it makes you LOL, share it! If it makes you soil yourself with laughter, support it!
Pride Warriors is a three-episode animated web series created for the LGBTQA community to celebrate Gayming Magazine’s DIGIPRIDE 2020.  It follows the hilarious misadventures of three LGBTQA superheroes, as they try and save pride from white supremacist terrorists infected with the Moronavirus.
Pride Warriors is hand-illustrated and animated by artist Gary Adrian Randall and brought to you by Seagull Fish Entertainment, an LGBTQA owned and operated indie company.