Watch: Flock of Dimes & Special Guests Perform “2 Heads” in New Release from Moog Music

Jenn Wasner (aka Flock of Dimes) assembled a brilliant cast of NC-based musicians and close friendsmembers of Wye OakSylvan Esso, and Mountain Manfor a stunning live performance of “2 Heads,” the opening track of her just-released sophomore album, Head of RosesWatch here.  
Tucked away inside Betty’s, a remote Chapel Hill recording studio owned and run by Sylvan Esso, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jenn Wasner (aka Flock of Dimes) enlists the talents of friends and local NC indie-electroic musicians for the live debut of “2 Heads,” one of her latest musical treasures, in a new release from Moog Music.
As the first track on Wasner’s critically acclaimed Head of Roses, released earlier this month on Sub Pop, “2 Heads” is an evolving blend of Wasner’s undaunted vocals, fluttering synth arpeggios, and rich, sustaining bass lines by way of cello and Moog’s Matriarch synthesizer.
Wasner, on lead vocals and at the helm of two Matriarch synthesizers, is joined for this performance of the song by Andy Stack (Wye Oak, Joyero) on cello; Alexandra Sauser-Monning (Daughter of Swords, Mountain Man), Molly Sarlé (Mountain Man), and Amelia Meath (Sylvan Esso, Mountain Man) on backing vocals; and Nick Sanborn (Sylvan Esso, Made of Oak) with an assortment of Eurorack effects modules.
“For me, music is about communication and connection,” Wasner shared with Moog in an exclusive interview following the performance. “It’s about developing a deeper understanding of the world in the process of developing a better understanding of ourselves. There’s not much more exciting than that, as far as I’m concerned.” Behind-the-scenes photographs taken while filming the performance, along with more from Wasner on her creative process, are featured on Moog’s website. See the full article here.
Head of Roses by Flock of Dimes is out now on Sub Pop. Listen to it in full here.
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