Watch and Listen to Heartbreak in Hopper Street By Ron Hawkins and The Do Good Assassins

A funky fresh take on some grass roots music, Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins bring out a song for the masses. Their latest single from their album “246”, Heartbreak in Hopper Street showcases a revolution in the making. The song is sung very well by the band and the lyrics are very powerful. Check out this song now!

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Credit: _Robert Ciolfi_


It’s the second single from 246, my new album with the Do Good Assassins, out on August 28, 2020. Watch the music video on YouTube now.
Consider the kind of grassroots uprising that we need to get some real change in this world, and to topple a status quo that is only interested in dehumanizing us and maximizing profits.
We are powerful when we are united in a common cause that is greater than ourselves. Lean into the optimism and euphoria of this song, detailing the story of peoples’ revolution.


– Ron Hawkins and The Do Good Assassins

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