WarnerMedia – 2022 Rooster Teeth Digital Creators Program

In partnership with WarnerMedia Access, the Rooster Teeth Digital Creators Program provides historically underrepresented digital talent a platform to break through to new audiences while also providing the tools and opportunities to succeed as digital creators. Eight aspiring creators will receive paid mentorship and training from Rooster Teeth over a three-month period this fall, including a one month residency in Austin (with housing and stipend provided).


This immersive program goes beyond independent content creation to give participants valuable experience working as part of a team on professional video sets, sponsored productions and more. At the end of the three months, the creators will have a chance to meet with industry executives from across all of WarnerMedia’s brands – and will be eligible for a 1-year Rooster Teeth talent contract.


The program is open to creators with a passion for sports, pop-culture, comedy, gaming, and animation from the US, UK, Canada and Australia.3-Month Program 2-Months Virtual sessions, Mentorship, and Skills development 1-Month on-location mentorship & technical training with Rooster Teeth in Austin, TXThe program will focus on:


Branded Content: Partnerships and Creative Development

Scripted Content: Comedy Writing Workshop & Improv Training

Podcast Development & Production

Hosting 101 & Media Training

Participants shadow on-set for Rooster Teeth Productions


Participants receive opportunities to appear as guests/on-camera talent in Rooster Teeth and other participating WarnerMedia Productions. Participants choose a track to develop & create content with mentorship from Rooster Teeth and other WarnerMedia creative teams, including Advisory Council members Ericka Beltrán (Director, Program & Content Strategy, CNN), Samata Narra (SVP, Equity & Inclusion, Content, WarnerMedia), Jason Dimberg (VP, Social Strategy and Content, Warner Bros. Global Brands and Experiences), Jennifer Dill (VP, Esports, Turner Sports/ Bleacher Report), Geoff Ramsey (Co-Founder & Creative at Large, Rooster Teeth) and Barbara Dunkleman (Creative Director, Rooster Teeth). 

Aspiring creators can now apply for the program via this link