Independent developer Fatshark is proud to bring new content to the console versions of the award-winning and multi-million selling Warhammer: Vermintide 2.

Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S
Today the new career Sister of the Thorn reaches Xbox players. The career was released earlier this month on PC and became the most popular career to date.

Playstation 4
A really big day for the Playstation players. The Sister of the Thorn career is available today as well as the hit expansion Chaos Wastes. The latter has been a big hit on both PC and Xbox, and now it’s ready to charm – in its brutal way – Playstation players.

“A great day for all Warhammer: Vermintide 2 console players” says Martin Wahlund, CEO Fatshark. “Both the Sister of the Thorn and Chaos Wastes have been enormous successes and we are glad to release them on consoles.”

Sister of the Thorn – Xbox and Playstation 4
The Sister of the Thorn is a new career for Kerillian that brings new abilities, weapon types, talent tree, character skin, challenges as well as a new hat and new voice lines. Kerillian will use magic in a greater way than ever before and will not pull any magical punches towards any enemies she encounters. The Sister of the Thorn is the perfect member of any team as she brings the heaviest support of all careers in the game.

Sister of the Thorn Features
Briar Javelin
Deepwood Staff
New talent tree
Exclusive character skin
New challenges
New voice lines
New hat

Chaos Wastes – Playstation 4
The next chapter in the Vermintide 2 story has arrived, and it’s available as a free download. In Chaos Wastes, the players will -try- to reach the Citadel of Eternity, but only the pure at heart will be able to complete the journey. In order to survive the journey to the Citadel the heroes will have to leave their fancy and hard-earned armor behind and go back to basics. The journey begins where it all began over three years ago, and armed only with simple equipment that will require skills to use effectively rather than just hiding behind a maxed out Iron Breaker (yes, talking to you, you know who you are!).The trek can only be completed by a true pilgrim navigating through the unpredictable region without a map and where no journey is the same. The Citadel of Eternity is a place most have only heard of through rumours. It is said to be located in a region under the influence of the Chaos Gods and apparently Saltzpyre knows how to get there – or so he claims.

New Features
Pilgrim’s Coins – Chaos Waste Unique coins that can be traded for godly favor or weapons along the path. A wise traveler hoards them well and spends them wisely.

Chest of Trials – Those seeking additional challenges while on their Pilgrimage can find them by means of the rare Chests of Trials. Opening a Chest of Trials draws the attention of a monstrous foe. Defeat the foe, and claim the reward.

Shrines – Uncorrupted shrines can be found in the Chaos Wastes. Heroes can seek the favor of wholesome gods in the form of Miracles & Boons. But, of course, such favors are not earned without sacrifice.

Waystone Altars – A weapon stash that contains weapons employed by previous pilgrims. Accessible through sacrificing Pilgrim’s Coins. The more Pilgrim’s Coins the Reliquary demands, the more powerful the weaponry to be found within.

Potions – The road is littered with mysterious potions that offer powerful benefits… perhaps enough to help even the odds on a long and difficult journey.

The Fifth Player
Chaos Wastes includes the Twitch Integration – the streamer’s favorite game mode – which lets the audience join in on the adventure and help the players on their journey by voting on what will happen next.