Warcraft Mod Turned Strategy Hit ‘Legion TD 2’ Launches Today

Having smashed through its time in Early Access, are you ready to assemble your army?

Tampa, FL, October 1stLegion TD 2 has officially left Early Access and is now available on Steam for $15.99/€13.59/£12.39 (with a 20% launch discount). After selling over 160,000 copies and receiving rave reviews from players, Legion TD 2 has evolved into a finely tuned competitive game of attack, defense and economy management for 1-8 players.

Offering accessibility for newcomers and deep strategy for masters of the genre, Legion TD 2 is the sequel to one of Warcraft III’s most popular mods. Having been successfully Kickstarted in 2016, the game has since gone on to rewrite the rulebook of how Early Access should be done, with four-person studio AutoAttack refining their original vision over 7 years to turn Legion TD 2 into the finely tuned multiplayer experience – one supported by a thriving community.

Considered one of the key inspirations for modern autobattlers like Teamfight Tactics and Dota Underlords, the original Legion TD mod helped build the foundations for a whole genre. With development led by the mod’s original creators, Legion TD 2 combines modern autobattler elements with old school tower defense style.

Legion TD 2 is a game of tactics, teamwork, and prediction, with coordination essential for victory in 2v2 and 4v4 team matches. Featuring both a single-player campaign and ranked PvP modes, players command one of eight factions and must defend their lane from waves of attacking NPCs by building and positioning defensive units to prevent enemies from breaking through and harming their team’s last line of defense: their King. With over a hundred units, multiple playmodes and thousands of players online daily, no two matches are alike.

With over twelve years of mod history behind it and seven years of development as a standalone title, Legion TD 2 has achieved its ultimate form, and is available now on Steam with a 20% launch discount for $15.99/€13.59/£12.39.

Key Features

  • Infinite replayability. No two games are the same.
  • Finely tuned game balance to ensure strategic variety and competitive fairness.
  • 2v2 and 4v4 matchmaking. Party as 1-8 players.
  • Single-player and cooperative campaign. Play vs. AI modes.
  • AI-based Game Coach gives guidance and tips for all skill levels.
  • Accessible for newcomers, but with serious competitive depth.
  • Weekly challenges to hone your skills and compete for top score.
  • Elo ranking system, leaderboards, and community / official prize tournaments.
  • Global servers for cross-region multiplayer.
  • No pay to win.

Launch is just the start of a new era for Legion TD 2, with a post-release roadmap to be announced soon. Review keys are available on request now. Email the media contact below for details.