Waking – the most personal game of the year – is out now

Recall your beloved memories and face the darkness alongside loved ones

Introspective action/meditation adventure Waking is out today on PC and Xbox One!

Fairfield, Iowa – 18 June 2020. From Continue?9876543210 creator Jason Oda and tinyBuild, the meditation/action-adventure Waking is out now on PC (Steam, GOG) and Xbox One!

Launching with a week-long 20% discount on PC, there’s no better time to traverse the twisted pathways of your mind. Be sure to check out the powerful launch trailer, which debuted on Saturday at the GamesRadar+ Future Games Show:

Waking on Steam

An immensely personal game, Waking sees players delve into their own memories, experiences, fears, and desires to overcome being locked in the all-encompassing darkness of a coma. With real-world guided meditations, third-person exploration, and intense combat, Jason Oda’s ambitious introspective adventure is wholly unique, and driven by the desire for players to look within themselves.

“Five years ago I started on a long journey to make a game about life, the people we love, and the memories that we cherish most. Today, I am happy to share a game about you, me, and the lives we all live.” said Jason Oda, developer of Waking.


About Jason Oda

Jason Oda is the US-based, one-man development team behind the upcoming Waking. Beginning his career making commercial video games, including the viral sensation Skrillex Quest, Oda started developing more personal, introspective video games following a near-death experience that changed his outlook on life. Following acclaimed indie Continue?9876543210, a story about a dead video game character finding peace before being deleted forever in the depths of the RAM, Oda began work on the upcoming introspective action adventure Waking. Finding partial funding from [email protected], and a publisher in tinyBuild, it is Jason Oda’s most ambitious and emotionally impacting project yet.

About tinyBuild

tinyBuild is a Seattle-based indie label behind the Hello Neighbor franchise and over 30 renowned titles, including Graveyard Keeper, SpeedRunners and Hello Neighbor. With additional development offices in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Riga, Latvia, and Boise, Idaho, tinyBuild is rapidly building a portfolio of fun, high-quality games across multiple platforms.

Game Info

Title: Waking
Developer: Jason Oda
Publisher: tinyBuild

Platform: PC, Xbox One
Release Date: June 18, 2020