LOS ANGELES, CA – Wake the Wild is set to release their second EP, MADE 4 U, on August 27 via Lowly. The three-piece band includes Chase Jackson, Forest Mitchell and Zach Sorgen who started creating the EP during the first coronavirus lockdown in late-March of 2020. The band felt it was a novelty to have more time to spend together at home with a small crew. 

LISTEN HERE: https://lowly.ffm.to/made4u-ep

The title track was written and produced first, and came together during one night of the band having a jam session. The song has a very distinct, feel-good, summer vibe that feels carefree. “Wasting Time” was created a few months later while messing around with some lush R&B chords. The track was inspired by their girlfriends and how they’re “too good for them.”  “Too Late” started all the way back in 2016. The band was listening through old recordings and ended up giving it a second chance after a complete production overhaul. “All Day ” is a carefree and confident jam about good times and riding high. They wrote and produced this tune in an afternoon of fun hangs with some close homies. The track is perfect for a summer drive by the ocean or a pregame with the squad. This soulful tune will have you singing along in no time. 


Wake the Wild is a three-piece band that fuses funky electro with R&B and nu-disco. Now based in Los Angeles, these longtime friends grew up playing together in the Bay Area jazz scene. The combination of catchy melodies with pocket grooves and good vibes make listening feel like a poolside dance party. The band has been featured on Spotify’s Editorial Playlists including Butter, Coffee Club, Fresh Finds: Pop, Nu-Funk, Ready for the Day, Serotonin, Wochenende and Young & Free.

MADE 4 U (EP) Tracklisting:

  1. Too Late
  2. All Day
  3. Wasting Time
  4. Made 4 U


About Wake the Wild:

Having met in their middle school jazz band, Wake The Wild grew up performing music together in a variety of styles ranging from funk to R&B. Though they were split across the country throughout college, they reunited in Los Angeles to start Wake The Wild. Their unique sound combines funky live instrumentation with nu-disco, funk & retro dance music. Though the three members have had significant successes as professional songwriters, producers and instrumentalists, Wake the Wild remains the true passion project for these three lifelong friends.