VR Meditation Experience ‘Maloka’ Launches Open Beta

OCTOBER 25, 2021 – Galaxy Labs, in partnership with developers Koffeecup and HOO KOO E KOO, are excited to introduce Maloka (beta) to the Oculus Quest App Lab with companion apps for iOS and Android. Maloka brings together the best of mental health apps and fitness gaming to help players develop a consistent and joyful meditation practice. Nominated for Raindance Immersive’s Discovery Award: Best DebutMaloka was created by celebrated wellness authors Sukey and Elizabeth Novogratz (Just Sit, The Well Daily) and uses proven science to help players cultivate and customize their own relaxing inner world.

Maloka transports players to a beautiful private island, where the more they practice, the more their island grows and flourishes into a vibrant oasis filled with plants, sculptures, and new areas to explore. Each player is joined by their chosen spirit who evolves alongside them through their journey. As they grow together with practice and play, otherworldly expansions abound, from new portals to island worlds to cosmic vistas and serene landscapes. As players develop their own unique routine from these experiences they’ll personalize their daily meditative flow, activating visual and sonic elements designed to maximize Beta and Theta brain waves.

Beta features include: 

  • Experience the first VR wellbeing universe, backed by scientific research.
  • Immersive guided meditation sessions to center your mind and find your flow.
  • Cultivate and grow your own private island filled with lush plant life and vibrant scenery.
  • Additional island worlds to discover as you deepen your practice.
  • A personalized Tamagotchi-style spirit that grows with you from cute and clueless to mindful and mighty.
  • Progress tracking and companion exercises via iOS and Android mobile apps.
  • Share moments from your island with your friends and community.

Ready to experience the serenity of your own private island? Download the Maloka open beta to start your wellness journey.