VR co-op action FPS After the Fall® is also available for Oculus Quest and supports cross-platform multiplayer

During the first Oculus gaming showcase, Vertigo Games, the branch of the Koch Media Group specializing in the production and publishing of high-quality VR products, announced the VR co-op action FPS After the Fall for Oculus Quest. The version for Oculus Quest will appear at the same time as the previously announced versions for PC-VR and PlayStation-VR in summer 2021 and each will support cross-platform multiplayer options.

Vertigo Games also gave a first look at the intense four-player co-op action in After the Fall and the gameplay teaser trailer can be viewed here:

Vertigo Games, best known through their VR-FPS bestseller Arizona Sunshine, present breathless four-player co-op action for all VR fans around the world with their next big VR action FPS After the Fall . Either together with up to three friends or alone, the players enter a post-apocalyptic urban wasteland, which was once an alternative Los Angeles of the 1980s, and fight there for bare survival.

“Right from the start, our biggest goal was to provide VR players with After the FallTo offer a 1980s-inspired post-apocalyptic co-op shooter that you can experience with your friends – no matter what platform you’re playing on – and we can’t wait to hear what players think about the first glimpse of the action on display -Gameplay, “says Trevor Blom, Technical Director at Vertigo Games. “Every VR platform that After the Fall was developed for offers its own opportunities and challenges, and now having Oculus Quest on board without compromising gameplay is a technical achievement that I’m incredibly proud of.”

With full VR motion control, players will venture into enemy territory in teams of four – or accompanied by AI companions – and use an arsenal of unique deadly weapons against hordes of Snowbreed : ferocious undead creatures that have brought humanity underground was driven. Everything to ensure the survival of mankind for another day.

After the Fall is developed by Vertigo Studios ( Arizona Sunshine ) and published by Vertigo Games.

After the Fall will be available for Oculus Quest, PlayStation-VR and PC-VR in summer 2021.

Players who continue to talk about After the FallIf you want to be informed, you can add the game to your wish list on the platform of your choice or register on the official website afterthefall-vr.com to get the chance to gain access to the upcoming closed beta phase.

About After the Fall
From the creators of Arizona Sunshine comes an epic VR action first-person shooter set in the frozen remnants of an alternative LA from the 1980s, with intense 4-player co-op gameplay at its core. In After the Fall , players and their friends battle it out across platforms in an increasingly hostile post-apocalyptic VR world in a furious battle for survival.

Key features:

  • An epic multiplayer VR shooter : fighters go out alone or with allies and experience a campaign in a post-apocalyptic, infected VR world from the makers behind the successful VR title Arizona Sunshine ®.
  • Hell is frozen over: Discovering, looking for food and surviving in a “strange” world – the Snowbreed -infected ruins of a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles look like an alternative 1980.
  • Massive Boss Battles: Players must survive unprecedented hordes, wage tactical battles, and think strategically and weigh up before they face impressive boss opponents.
  • Develop your own fighting style : Players craft, improve and wield a huge variety of deadly weapons and destructive powers – all through the use of real body movement.
About After The Fall
From the creators of Arizona Sunshine comes an epic VR action FPS set in the frozen remains of an alternate 1980s LA with intense 4-player co-op gameplay at its core. After the fall pits players and their friends across platforms against a hostile, evolving post-apocalyptic VR world in a raging fight for survival. afterthefall-vr.com
About Vertigo Games
Vertigo Games is a multi-platform VR entertainment company with offices in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and Los Angeles, California. With teams in the areas of development, publishing and LBE (location-based entertainment) distribution, the company offers a growing portfolio of quality VR games that provide novel, powerful and full-featured gaming experiences both inside and outside of the home. Current games include Vertigo Studios’ evergreen brand Arizona Sunshine ®, critically acclaimed VR titles such as A Fisherman’s Tale , and LBE-exclusive VR experiences like Ghost Patrol ® VR. Among six upcoming releases for 2020/2021 is Vertigo Studios’ next VR action FPS game After the Fall ®. Vertigo Games is a Koch Media Group company.
About Koch Media
The Koch Media Group is a global developer, publisher and distributor of video games, VR games, gaming hardware and merchandise.

The group’s publishing activities, marketing and distribution extend throughout Europe, America, Australia and Asia. Koch Media has more than 25 years of experience in the digital media business and has risen to become a leading global publishing partner. The Koch Media Group runs a multi-label strategy with fully owned publishing units such as Deep Silver, Milestone, Vertigo Games and Ravenscourt which publish games for consoles, PC and VR platforms across all physical and digital channels.

Additionally, as global publishing partner Koch Media has formed long-term multi-national publishing collaborations with numerous game publishers including Bethesda, Capcom, Codemasters, Konami, Koei Tecmo, Sega, Square Enix, Warner Bros and many others. With its parent company in Höfen, Austria, and the Publishing HQ in Munich, Germany, Koch Media owns local publishing companies in Germany, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Australia, the United States as well as Japan and Hong Kong.

The Koch Media Group owns ten game development studios: Deep Silver Volition (Champaign, IL / USA), Deep Silver Dambuster Studios (Nottingham / UK), Deep Silver Fishlabs (Hamburg / Germany), Warhorse Studios (Prague / Czech Republic), Milestone (Milan / Italy), Voxler (Paris / France), Vertigo Games (Rotterdam / The Netherlands) and Flying Wild Hog (Warsaw, Rzeszów, Cracow / Poland). Additionally, the Koch Media Group collaborates with numerous independent development studios around the world.  

Part of the Koch Media Group is also Koch Films, a European independent film distributor with business primarily in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy as a cinema, TV, online and Home Entertainment distributor. The Koch Media Group also owns Gaya Entertainment, a leading video game merchandise company in Munich, Germany, and the Quality Assurance Facility in Olomouc, Czech Republic.

Koch Media is an Embracer Group company.