Voice-based game Shield Spell Sword announced for Amazon Alexa


Choose a journey in this rock, paper, scissors-like fantasy adventure

Lynnwood, Wash. – November 19, 2020 – Non-profit organization Games for Love has announced its newest game titled Shield Spell Sword for the Amazon Alexa. The interactive audio game, which will be free to download on December 1, crafts a magical fantasy adventure for players through voice-based gameplay in the form of a classic game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Players are tasked with battling monsters like horrible green slimes, undead warriors, and a great green scaled Dragon through engaging fight-audio mechanics. Through a ladder system, players must defeat all five enemies to become champion of the lands.


“With the ability to create a customized hero name, choose a new weapon through each battle, and various difficulty settings, Shield Spell Sword is a game for everyone,” said Nathan Blair, CEO of Games for Love. “Its fantasy environment will appeal to adventure lovers. Its simplicity is great for casual gamers. This is a unique experience for anyone with an Alexa to try. We’d also like to thank all of the volunteers that worked hard to develop this title. It wouldn’t be accomplished without their hard work.”


Shield Spell Sword is a title developed and created by volunteers. As a result, all proceeds and revenue generated will go directly to Games for Love to help provide distraction therapy to children, and other organization programs to fuel impact.


It will be available as a downloadable skill for all Amazon Alexa devices beginning December 1.