Viva La Dirt League Debuts New Live Action Comedy Series, D&D Logic, Exploring the Hilarious Mechanics Behind Dungeons and Dragons

Today, the New Zealand-based comedy trio Viva La Dirt League, known for their popular gaming-related series Epic NPC Man, Game Logic, PUBG Logic and the recent short Baelin’s Route, officially launched the first episode of their latest live-action series Dungeons and Dragons Logic (D&D Logic). Delve into the weird, wacky and strange game logic of Dungeons and Dragons as the players struggle to come to grips with the game’s overwhelming mechanics, figure out the rules, follow the story and learn to work together as a team!

D&D Logic is based on the hit tabletop roleplaying game and brings together the company’s largest main cast to date. The 10-episode epic stars Robert Hartley (Ash vs Evil Dead, 6 Days, Shortland Street), Adam King (Epic NPC Man, Bored, Baelin’s Route), Phoenix Cross (Buzz Cut, Ahikaroa, Baelin’s Route), Byron Coll (Jack the Giant Slayer, Power Rangers Ninja Steel, Shadow in the Cloud), Emmet Skilton (Young Rock, Power Rangers Beast Morphers, The Almighty Johnsons), Britt Scott Clark (Doctor Doctor, Bored, Epic NPC Man), Rowan Bettjeman (Avatar, Home By Christmas, PUBG Logic), Tameka Sowman Vahatau (Actually Alex, The Brokenwood Mysteries, Creamerie) and Ben Van Lier (The Water Horse, The Sounds, Souls Logic) playing the adventuring party with Alan Morrison (Clubbing in the Wild, Bored, Rekt) as the Dungeon Master.


D&D Logic is by far one of our biggest and grandest productions, putting our crew to the test in a fantastic way, and fans are really going to see that in the final product,” said Viva La Dirt League co-founder Adam King. “If you’re a fan of D&D, you’re going to love how connected this show feels to the game experience and community. If you’re just a fan of comedy and nerd culture in general, you’re going to love this homage to the trials and tribulations of a bunch of friends playing games together.”


Viva La Dirt League consists of YouTube veterans Adam KingRowan Bettjeman and Alan Morrison, and has been a staple of the online gaming community since 2011, averaging 30 million views per month on the popular channel.


Episode 1 of D&D Logic is available now, with a new episode airing each Tuesday on Viva La Dirt League’s YouTube Channel.

Viva La Dirt League is represented by Creative Artists Agency (CAA).



From Auckland New Zealand, Viva La Dirt League (‘VLDL’) is made up by filmmakers and content creators Adam King, Rowan Bettjeman and Alan Morrison. As a collective the group produces some of the highest quality content around videogames and gaming culture. Known for series like “Epic NPC Man”, “PUBG Logic” and “Bored” they release three videos a week consistently earning hundreds of thousands of views per episode. In September 2019, VLDL raised $700K in a few weeks to secure financing for their 30 minute short film “Baelin’s Route,” which is a based on the world of Epic NPC Man. VLDL has worked with brands like Tencent, Steel Series, MSI and others on premium integrated and custom advertiser content.