Video Premiere Alert! Gene Dante new music video She’s Outside is out now!

Excited is not the word to use! Fucking Excited is the words we like to use for this situation! We are partnering with Gene Dante to showcase the release of his newest music video She’s Outside. Fans will be jumping off walls and through walls as they will experience the power of music by Gene Dante! Learn more about She’s Outside below and check out the music video as well!

She’s Outside:

Long known as Boston’s glam rock dynamo, Dante and his band The Future Starlets kickstart a new era on July 9 with the release of a supercharged new single titled “She’s Outside,” a raucous rock and roll powderkeg of a tune that lets loose a primal scream heard to the heavens. “She’s Outside” serves as the first intoxicating single from Dante‘s forthcoming album, DL/UX, set for release this fall through H1 Massive. After the year we’ve all had, we can use this shot of sonic adrenaline.


“In the simplest of terms, ‘She’s Outside’ is sung from the perspective of someone on the verge of being seduced — possibly overcome — by a bemusing force,” Dante says. “Lyrically, I wanted to create a simple chorus anyone could sing, and verses that work both literally and metaphorically.  ‘She’ can be an external character, an internal identity, and/or a car (sometimes personified as ‘she’ with female names). I wanted the lyrics to reside in that intersection. Every lyric I write is at minimum semi-biographical; while not necessarily play-by-play true stories, they all begin somewhere real.”

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Live concert:

Want to see Gene Dante in Concert? Gene Dante will be at Ralph’s Rock Diner in Worcester, MA to perform his newest hit track She’s Outside on July 30th! Need Tickets? Click on Event info below!

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