Vic’s Top Tracks of the Week Ep 6

Monday laziness! Yes, I’m late on my show but who cares! Lot of good music that will be in your playlists very soon! I had my ear phones on listening to these tracks these past few days. They are very juicy and delicious that will make you salivate to listen with your eyes closed more and more.


Without further ado, listen below and enjoy!


Listen here:

88/89 – ‘Never Been So High’

88/89 take us to new heights on their soaring new release ‘Never Been So High’. A seamless blend of psychedelic rock and irresistible indie, the new single flaunts 88/89 at their very best!

Rob Lea – ‘Reflection’

UK singer-songwriter Rob Lea unveiled his debut release ‘Reflection’ last week. The stunning piano ballad whisks the listener away into its reflective and emotive themes. Rob Lea’s passionate vocals take centre stage on this release and we can’t wait to hear more from him!

WRYT – ‘Fierce’

‘Fierce’ features WRYT’s trademark grunge-inspired guitars and rock sensibilities, coupled with his familiar grounding in social consciousness and real-world experiences. Later this year we can also expect WRYT’s single ‘Charlatan’, so keep your ears open for another banger!

Kris Kollins – ‘U’

Kris Kollins is a genre bending blend of alt r&b, pop, funk, psychedelic, and touches of progressive soul. His upcoming soul/funk-pop single ‘U’ pays homage to a few of his 1980’s influences, and simply highlights the beauty beyond a person’s gender, ethnicity, religion, material and finances.

Fo Daniels – ‘Summers Past’

Fo Daniels shows off his authentic artistry on his latest release. ‘Summers Past’ is the stand-out single from his brand new album ‘Imitation Roses’. The album was recorded in the same room in one day with live instruments, a unique thing to find in this modern age of music!