Vic’s Top Tracks Of The Week Ep 5

Happy Fiesta everyone! In San Antonio, TX, this week has been full of Fiesta treats! From parades at the Riverwalk to parties with cascarones, there have been some fun times. With Fiesta, there needs to be some tunes to excite the crowds. I know many migrate to that old timey Nortenos music but for me, I like to find music where the artist or artists showcase a more newer atmosphere. These next tunes will have you jamming in you headset or at a local Fiesta event while eating a chicken on a stick.

Check them out:

Berried Alive – ‘Pearanoid’

Husband and wife duo Berried Alive are back with a staggering new release ‘Pearanoid’. The alternative rock track packs a punch with buzzing riffs and passionate vocals! Berried Alive yet again flaunt their fruity aesthetic and unique sound.

Lizzy Paris – ‘Crash n’ Burn’

Soul-pop artist Lizzy Paris is making waves with her latest release ‘Crash n’ Burn’. The sunny single is shows off Lizzy’s silky-smooth vocals which match perfectly with the light and vibrant soundscape of the track.

Ballin’ Jacks – ‘Tunnel Vision’

Ballin’ Jacks combine 70s rock and clever pop sensibilities on their new track ‘Tunnel Vision’. The single features an irresistible foot-tapping rhythm and shimmering harmonies. We can’t wait to hear what’s next from the London band!

Evan De Roeper – ‘Midnight Drive’

‘Midnight Drive’ is a new stand out track from Evan De Roeper’s new EP ‘Lavender’. The melancholy offering is an insight into Evan’s thoughtful and introspective songwriting.

Lilith Ai – ‘Teenage Brain’

With a beautifully authentic sound, Lilith Ai blends indie-rock and bedroom pop on her latest single ‘Teenage Brain’. The nostalgic tune goes deep into themes of unrequited love which is explored through thoughtful and intricate lyricism.