Vic’s Top 5 Tracks of Week Ep 2

The coffee has been flowing and the days are finally getting warmed again! I’m here with my 2nd episode of Vic’s Top 5 Tracks of the Week! Don’t let the coffee fool you, I have some music here that is chill and calm yet will still take you onto a rollercoaster of emotions.

here they are:

Scott Benjamin – ‘Drive’

Singer-songwriter Scott Benjamin explores the feeling of being present in the moment in his cathartic new single ‘Drive’. The alternative offering blends diverse styles, with bluesy vocals and a tantalizing guitar line leading the way to create a hazy yet captivating soundscape.

Scott’s superb musicianship transports the listener into the story told by his track, with a feeling of time slowing down on a boundless road trip.

Nescy J – ‘OVERDUE’

NESCY J is an English singer-songwriter from Birmingham. Documenting life, relationships and all matters of the heart, the artist now prepares to unveil her debut release ‘OVERDUE’. The R&B inflected pop offering flaunts an emotive vocal line that is seamlessly complimented with a gentle yet impactful beat. The ebb and flow of the track reflects the internal battle that the story of the track tells.

Kris Kollins – ‘River’
Kris Kollins is a genre bending blend of alt r&b, pop, funk, psychedelic, and touches of progressive soul. Highlighting his alternative r&b side in his upcoming releases, Kris is very excited to let his work speak for itself. Now Kris unveils his delectable new offering ‘River’, a retro-infused R&B track that oozes a charmingly seductive vibe.

Lizzie – ‘Dark Clouds’

At just 18 years old, singer/songwriter Lizzie is set to release her brand new EP ‘Silver Lining’. Joining forces with vocal coach/manager Amelia McCloskey of AM Studios and Darren Martyn of DM Unsigned, Lizzie’s vision for the new EP came to life. The 6-track offering includes stand out single ‘Dark Clouds’, a unifying and uplifting pop ballad that flaunts Lizzie’s melodic and impassioned vocals.

WRYT – ‘Risk & Fear’
Alternative artist WRYT returns with his first release of 2022, ‘RIsk & Fear’. The new offering fuses together grunge inspired guitars and rock sensibilities with incisive social consciousness. Working with producer Gabriel Solomon Wison, the pair have created a driving, triumphant track that they hope will elevate spirits and bring a sense of unity at live shows.
His work stands with the oppressed and directionless in which he hopes through his intentionally crafted lyrics be the voice for the voiceless