Vic’s Top 5 Tracks Of The Week EP 9

Vic’s Top 5 is back after a bit of relaxation! We all need a break to relax especially myself who listens and reviews hundreds of musicians weekly. So What did I do? I caught up with streaming shows on Prime Video and Netflix while looking good by doing some daily walks. Spoiler Alert, I’m still doing those daily walks…gotta keep this 5 Star Figure looking  good! Anyways, we are back to our original programming and we got some music here that will fill your playlists on Spotify!

Listen here:

Jack Wakeman & The Dreamstriders – ‘Feel Again In Time’

Jack Wakeman & The Dreamstriders are back with their new single ‘Feel Again In Time’. The track conveys a vision of hope and optimism through a stunning indie-folk sound.

Jacob Violet – ‘Mixed Signs’

Jacob Violet’s new single ‘Mixed Signs’ is out now! Fusing together hip-hop musicality and punky vocals, it’s an emo-rap track with an irresistible hook!

Ginny Vee – ‘Tears In The Rain’

Ginny Vee returned recently with her delightful new single ‘Tears in the Rain’. An evocative soundscape accompanies Ginny Vee’s captivating vocals on this chilled-out pop offering.

The Schoolboys – ‘Girls Grow Up Faster Than Boys’

Reading-based band The Schoolboys have delivered the catchy post-punk inspired single ‘Girls Grow Up Faster Than Boys’. The track evokes the beautifully melancholic visions of bands such as The Cure, Joy Division and The Smiths.

Saadin Dassum – ‘Tomorrow’

With a heartfelt and handmade feel, Saadin Dassum’s new track ‘Tomorrow’ is a carefully crafted romantic single. Kicking off with a sweet melody, the track blossoms into an explosive soundscape with biting guitars and vibrant blasts of brass.