Vic Santoro announces NFT giveaway to educate young people on digital currency

Ahead of his performance at The Great Escape this week, Cameroon-born, South London-raised artist Vic Santoro announces an NFT giveaway aimed at young, underserved members of his local community.

Giving away a total of 50 free NFTs, Vic aims to offer an education on digital currencies to young people who typically would not have access to this space. The first in a series of NFT drops from the London rapper, it will allow a cost-free entry point to the world of blockchain, NFTs and cryptocurrency.

Known for his community work, Vic previously partnered with Morley’s on ‘Feed The Village’, a project offering free meals to people in Lewisham. He also aligned himself with the Daily Express ‘Strike A Chord’ campaign, which advocated for music lessons in school to be given higher priority, and ‘Back To Prison For Good’, where he returned to prisons to give his story about how he turned his life around.

“One of the issues of classism is that people who get the information first are always at an advantage,” Vic explains. “The people without access are left behind. Digital currency is an important part of our future so I want to ensure that young people are ahead of that and have the information needed.”

Born in Cameroon before moving to the concrete jungle that is London, Vic Santoro found solace in his creativity during his teenage years, reading and reciting poetry, studying English literature before being turned onto the revolutionary teachings of rap’s greatest poet Tupac Shakur.

The announcement comes just as Vic prepares himself for his performance at Brighton’s revered The Great Escape festival, where he will perform at Tempest Inn on Friday 13th May at 9PM.

Last month, he dropped energetic new single ‘Shake It (Bussdown)’, the first release since his Glory Days trilogy and subsequent Glory Days Deluxe mixtape last year. He ended 2021 with a headline show at O2 Academy Islington.

Vic Santoro’s continued community work reiterates why he is one of the most important musicians in the country right now.


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