Venus Furs new music video New Inspiration is out now!

You look towards the dark entrance to an alley that is filled with grim features of the unknown. You peer ever so close as you can taste the haste smell of the entrance. You close your eyes as you walk into the alley and let your imagination take a hold of your senses. The soft sounds of of a guitar strums to a note that you follow with your ears. You open your eyes to a wall of inscriptions of words that you softly sing. These words lead you to Venus Furs newest song titled New Inspiration. I’m enjoying the song with its various sounds that create that eerie tone for the music. Though, towards the final seconds of the song, features an echoing of the piano that highlights my joy. This is a pretty cool song with a video that elevates the understanding of what you hear. This gives a clear association and its pretty damn good!

watch here:

Photo Credit – Sean Mundy